8 Mistakes to Avoid as A New Pet Parent

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The joy and comfort of welcoming a new pet can be overpowering. Making a few mistakes is very natural amid all the joy and new beginnings. However, if you were to be aware of some of the most typical errors that practically every new pet parent makes, you can avoid them if you find yourself in a similar scenario.

So, let’s look at 8 common mistakes you should avoid as a new pet parent!


1. Not Pet-Searching Beforehand

It is a common practice to get a pet on a whim. But that is not an ideal way to get a pet. Remember, a pet is not a commodity or a gift. You are committing to 10-15 years of your life. It is necessary to ask yourself and discuss with your family members if everyone is ready for the responsibility. It is imperative to ponder upon the following questions - 

  1. Is your home situation stable? Or are you going to moving and ready to move your pet along with you.
  2. Who is going to be with the pet during the puppy phase. 
  3. Can you afford it? Remember to do proper research of the costs involved for the breed you are planning.
  4. Do you have space? What kind of breed will thrive in your home. 
  5. Who will take cate on daily basis?
  6. Who will take them for a walk, provide food, bathe them, groom them and go for vet visits?
  7. Do ho have arrangements for when you go on a vacation?
  8. Do you have access to a vet in your city?

    2. Be Ready with The Basic Pet Supplies

    It's important to pet-proof your apartment before bringing a new pet home, something that many first-time pet owners conveniently overlook. You must ensure that your pet feels safe and secure at home by getting what they need and getting rid of anything dangerous, such as some plants, small electronics, sharp edges, etc.

    If you are wondering what basic supplies you need to keep ready beforehand, don't worry - we have got you covered with our blog on "Bringing a puppy home: Cheatsheet of what you need to stock and be prepared for."

    3. Not Measuring the Quantity of Food

    Many pet parents don't weigh or measure the amount of food they give their new puppy. However, doing so is essential since eating too much food can result in obesity and other health problems. As a result, you shouldn't avoid monitoring "what" and "how much" your pet eats from day 1.

    4. Avoiding Routine Vet Check-Ups

    Some pet parents refrain from taking their furry mates to the veterinarian for regular check-ups, first immunizations, and medical advice. While that is extremely wrong; visiting the veterinarian must be your top priority. They can identify any illnesses and help you with the initial vaccination processes, thus keeping your pet safe and healthy.

    5. Not Training from The Early Days

    Many pet parents coddle and pamper their new furry companions. They don't train and discipline them from the start such as - teaching them to refrain from jumping on couches, biting chair ends, and getting to the top floor. However, it is advantageous to enforce house rules early on because they are less likely to be modified later. Using strong reinforcements such as playtime and treats to train your pet must be one of the things that you don’t push to later.

    6. Leaving Them Alone for Long Periods in The Start

    Every new pet parent should avoid leaving their new pet home alone, just as they wouldn't leave their new infant alone without appropriate supervision. Leaving them alone can make them take undesirable steps to gain attention or withdraw from social situations, thus isolating themselves. Keeping a welcoming environment for socializing and not leaving the puppy alone are therefore two things you must bear in mind!

    7. Neglecting Bathing and Brushing Routines

    Although some parents do adhere to a regimen, many do not at first, which they later regret. To avoid plaque build-up, which puts your pets at risk for dental decay, gum disease, bad breath, and body odour, you should bathe and brush your pets at least three times each week. Thus, keeping a routine in place from the start is something you should keep in mind.

    8. Forgetting That Not All Pets Are the Same - 

    Pets have a personality of their own. The pet you are getting based on the attitude of a friend’s pet and expecting him/her to have similar traits is not correct.

    Just like each child, has a personality of their own, so do pets – a specific breed will indeed have some common traits - but they might not exactly be like your previous pet or your neighbour’s pet, or whoever you want them to be. You can always train your puppy to behave well - but remember not all dogs like other dogs - not all dogs are comfortable around other dogs - you might start socializing them from the start - but always assess the personality of your dog. 

    Pets bring with them a lot of love, happiness, and fluffy cuddles, but they also come with a lot of responsibility and obligations. We might overlook a few things in the midst of all of this, which could later harm their growth, well-being, and even the ones surrounding them.

    Due to this, it is crucial to be aware of key mistakes that people frequently make as well as how to avoid them.

    We hope you were able to learn what mistakes you have to avoid as you embark on your new pet parenthood!

    Happy Parenting!

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