7 Steps To Make Puppy Bathing Easier

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Your cute, hyperactive, bouncy little ball of fur probably loves nothing more than his playtime. And of course, getting himself all dirty and messy after that. 

You may be worried and concerned about cleaning him up, given his teeny-tiny size. Questions like - 

  • “Is it the right time to start bathing my puppy?”
  • “How should I introduce it to him?” 
  • “Which shampoo is best for my dog?”

are constantly popping in your head. But don’t worry. That’s quite normal! 

If you are a new dog parent and are trying to find out the right way to introduce your puppy to bathing for the first time, you’ve come to the right place! 

Little pups cannot regulate their body temperature. So introducing water to them very soon would be a little harsh and they could catch a cold. It is generally advised to wait till they’re at least 8 weeks old to give them their first bath. Although, if you feel the need, you can use dry bathing until this age. Try these dry bathing solutions for your little one.

Now, let’s see how you can introduce bathing to your pup for the first time!

Make your Puppy Comfortable With The Bathing Area

Even before you introduce your puppy to his first bath, making them comfortable to their bathing area is equally important. 

  • For small puppies, a sink would be perfect and comfortable.
  • For larger pups or dogs, you can choose a bathroom or an open area.
  • However limit or fence the area so they don’t run off.
  • You can also use a simple collar and leash to contain them in the area. 

Take him to the bathing spot you chose and let him play around and adjust with the new area. Allow him to take his time and get comfortable with the space. 

Bring Positive Vibes

Your puppy will learn to enjoy the moment if you do. It’s very important to bring positive energy to the table when you’re trying to get your puppy to get comfortable with bathing. Some steps that you can take include - 

  • Talking to your pet in a soothing tone. 
  • Communicating with him in an encouraging way through your body language and expressions.
  • Giving him lots of praise and snuggles will definitely prove to be very helpful. 


Make It Fun With Toys And Treats

One way to get your pup to like baths is to make him think of it as a playtime. You can create such an environment by - 

  • Bringing toys into the bathing area.
  • Playing around with them and
  • Trying to make the environment enjoyable for them. 

Another way to make him like baths is to bring small food treats or doggie biscuits. Reward him with a treat every time he plays along nicely. 

Helping him create positive and fun associations with the bathing area can work wonders for the both of you!

Ensure That The Water Temperature Is Comfortable

Setting the right water temperature is important before putting your puppy for their first bath. Some of the points to be careful of include - 
  • The water should be lukewarm.
  • Too hot or too cold water can cause a negative response and your puppy might begin to resist bathing before you even start.
  • Make sure to test the water with your hand before you use it on your pup.

Introduce Water Step By Step

After letting them adjust with their bathing area, you can now introduce the puppy to water little by little.

  • At first, you can just start with something as simple as sprinkling a few drops of water with your hands.
  • Then, eventually move on by wetting his paws, and then, his legs. 
  • It is not advised to use too much water near their eyes and nose, as it can be irritable for little pups.
  • So, avoid using a mug or hose directly to clean the area. Instead, use your hands and gently wash the face with water.

Organize All Necessary Supplies Beforehand

It is very important to gather all the necessary bath supplies beforehand so that you avoid running around, leaving your puppy unattended when you actually start with the bathing process. 

Which is the best shampoo to use on my dog?

Dogs skin generally tends to have a neutral pH, i.e. 7-7.5, whereas human skin has much more acidic pH, around 5.2 to 5.5.

Hence, detergents or shampoos designed for humans will be very acidic for dogs. And as a result, it will be harmful for the dog's skin and can cause skin problems. 

Puppy skin is all the more tender and delicate. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you get a shampoo specifically designed for puppies. 

We recommend this natural ayurvedic shampoo which contains a tearless solution that is extremely safe and mild and your puppy will love it! 

Along with the shampoo, you’ll also need a soft hair brush or comb to untangle mats before bathing. Check out these. Also, avoid using a hair dryer as it might scare your puppy. Use a towel instead. 

However, completely drying your puppy is very important, otherwise they may catch a cold.  

What do you do to make your pup comfortable during bathing? Is your pup water lover or a hater? Do let us in the comments below. 


two kind of dog water lover and hater



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