Bringing a puppy home: Cheatsheet of what you need to stock and be prepared for

Let’s have a look at what you will be needing to make your furry companion feel safe, comfortable, and best at home! 

Food Items 

1. Food 
  • It is beneficial to learn which food the dog was able to endure from a veterinarian or the previous owner and to have some of it on hand.
  • Then, if you'd like to, you may attempt gently introducing different meals to them.

2. Bowls

  • Keep a bowl for food and water ready for your pet beforehand so that you don’t have to keep shuffling with vessels later.
  • If you are looking to buy bowls and vessels for your furry mate, check out our range of food accessories that are contemporary, modern, and sustainable. 

Walk Essentials 

3. Leash and Collars 

  • Leashes and collars are essential to start training sessions and to take your pet for walks and strolls, so having them ready in advance will be helpful. Check out the variety of leashes and collars that Forfurs offers for different breeds, sizes, and comfort of your pet right away!

Tip - Even if you don’t plan on taking your puppy for a walk, you should start training them in the house. For a puppy, being connected to us via a leash and going where we go, when we want to go, doesn’t come naturally; it has to be taught. And leash skills are among the most important things you’ll teach from early on.

4. Poop Bags and Picker

  • You'll be needing these often to pick up dog poop while taking a walk or even when your pup strolls outside the house so keeping this item ready is important!
  • you can opt for a Dog Scooper that scoops up the puppy feces without requiring you to kneel or bend down below.
  • If you are looking to buy a poop picker and bags, look no further than here

Shelter Items

5. Bed 

  • Having a dog bed available will help them feel at home and prevent them from wandering about looking for a place to sleep or sit.
  • Here are some dog beds that you can buy for your pet today! 

6. Toys 

  • Getting interactive and mentally stimulating toys for your dog will enable you to keep them engaged when you have some other work to tend to. Moreover, it can also be used as bonding equipment in leisure times!
  • There are a plethora of toys that you can buy that are durable, interactive, and safe! 
7. Crate 
  • A crate gives your dog the luxury of having their own area while also providing a secure space to get used to their new surroundings.
  • Since some dogs are apprehensive around specific persons or settings, crates offer comfort to both new and rescue pets.

8. Blankets 

  • Having a blanket on hand can be helpful in a variety of situations because it can be used as a seat layover, for travel, or just as a covering for your pet.
  • Therefore, it is crucial to have a blanket on hand in case you need it for any of the aforementioned scenarios.
9. Pet Gates 
  • Dog gates are a need for the majority of dog parents since they can be used to block off dangerous locations such as stairwells, kitchens with stoves, baby rooms.
  • When housetraining their dogs, some dog parents utilize gates to prevent accidents.

10. Play Pens 

A play pen is not a must have but a helpful aid if -

  • you want to provide your puppy with a structured yet limited environment indoors where they can run off, play and release some energy.
  • you want to keep your dog away from house guests while allowing him access to a play area. 
  • you want to confine them to a structured area when you are not around. 

Bathing Items 

11. Shampoos

  • This is an essential to avoid that dog smell in the house and also to keep your puppy clean. Winter puppies should not be bathed with water. Consult your vet to know when to start bathing a puppy. (Use dry shampoo instead)
  • Forfurs offers a variety of bathing products that were created with the priority of your pet in mind!
12. Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Keeping a toothbrush and toothpaste ready can aid in gently cleaning away plaque and tartar while also brightening teeth, and giving a fresh breath.
  • Essential to introduce this since the beginning. Adult dog might not be comfortable and resist. 
13. Towels 
  • After a lovely bath, make sure your dog is completely dry with a dog towel to prevent moisture buildup or illness.
  • So, having a towel must be on your list of things to have before! 

14. Tub 

  • If you intend to bathe your dog in the sink or another bathing area, you may skip this purchase; however, if that's not your goal, getting a tub for your puppy to bathe in is essential.
  • To give your dog a nice bath, you must include a little tub appropriate for their size.

16. Clippers and Trimmers 
  • A clipper does not cut near the skin and is designed for cutting bulk hair on broader areas.
  • A trimmer, on the other hand, is made for mild shaping, dry shaving, and outlining on tiny regions like the back of the neck, the area around the ears, and the area surrounding sideburns.
  • It is essential to have both of them available at home so you won't need to run to the grooming salon every time your pet needs a trim or cut.
17. Rubber Brush/ Curry Comb 
  • A rubber comb is a must have because it gives your dog a wonderful massage while removing dirt and loose hair from the coat and allowing shampoo to penetrate deeply.

Cleaning Items 

18. Shedding Tools
  • There are a variety of shedding tools that can be helpful as they aid in detangling and smoothening the hair if and when you shed your pet's coat. Thus, having them on standby is always helpful.
19. Pet Wipes 
  • The benefit of having a supply of pet wipes on hand is that they aid in keeping the skin and coat of the pet healthy and hydrated by removing dirt.
  • In addition, it can be used every day to quickly clean pet eyes, ears, faces, and bodies as well as to manage pet odours and wipe dirty paws.
20. Odour Control 
  • It is vital to keep items that can combat and eliminate odours because doing so will help you stabilize the atmosphere of your home and eliminate odours like dog poop, stains or dirt.
  • If you are looking for items that can help odour control, look no further as Forfurs has got you covered!
21. Chew Stopping Spray 
  • Dogs have a natural urge to chew, so having a chew-stopping spray on hand is essential if you want to keep your sofa, table corners, and other household items in good condition. 

Beyond these essentials, there is a lot more than you can look into and purchase to pamper your pet and meet their requirements.

The needs of your dog are our top priority at Forfurs. In light of this, we provide a variety of accessories for your pet that you may choose from based on their size, comfort, and demands! Visit our website to know more! 

We hope that this article has helped you understand and list out all the things that you will need to buy before welcoming your furry companion home! 


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