Dog Bathing Hacks You Need!

dog in a bath tub enjoying his bath

Accept it or not, most of you dog owners still have a hard time bathing your dogs. If your dog loves baths, you’re really lucky. But if you have a dog that does not enjoy baths, even following a step by step tutorial on how to bathe a dog might not help. 

But don’t worry! There are a number of tricks and hacks that you can use to make bath time a lot easier. 

Okay, first things first. Gathering all your bath supplies and keeping them ready before you even bring your dog into the bathroom is very important so that you avoid running around later, leaving your dog unattended. A dog shampoo and a clean set of towels and you’re good to go!

However, selecting the right shampoo for your dog is extremely important.

Using shampoos designed for humans or even regular detergents can be very harmful for dogs. Dog skin generally tends to have a neutral pH whereas the pH value of human skin is much more acidic. Hence, human shampoos can be very acidic on their skin and thus lead to skin problems. 


forfurs range of dog shampoos

Forfurs shampoo products would make a great choice. They are natural and organic products, with high-quality ingredients, and most importantly they are gentle and mild shampoos, specifically designed for your dog. 

Now that we're ready with the supplies, let’s move on with the tips and tricks!

Brush before bathing

entangling dog's fur before and after bathing

Bathing with tangled fur and knots can be very discomforting and bothersome for dogs. Brushing through your dog’s coat before you take him into the shower helps in eliminating mats and tangles on his fur and can make your whole bathing process so much easier and quicker. Especially for dogs with long fur.

Remember to pick the right grooming tools for this purpose. Check out some of our best and highly recommended dematting tools, brushes and combs which will help keep your dog’s fur clean, smooth and untangled. 

However if your dog suffers from severe mats, directly brushing through his coat can be painful for him. In such cases, sprinkling some cornstarch on his fur can work wonders! 

It is a quick and easy hack to help ease the mats as cornstarch reduces friction in between the hair fibres and will make brushing smoother and less painful. Along with that, it can also help in soothing the skin irritation caused by the discomforting mats. 

Get rid of slippery floors

Bathroom floors can be very slippery for dogs and make them uncomfortable. Especially if your dog is one that already hates baths, standing on slippery floors won’t be a very pleasant experience for him. 

A non-slip bath mat can help prevent slipping and make your dog more comfortable while bathing. If not available, throwing a big towel on the floor can work too. 


Stock your station. 

It's frustrating to start bathing a dog only to realise the shampoo or towels are on the other side of the room. 

Peanut butter to the rescue!

dog licking peanut butter

All dogs love peanut butter. And why wouldn’t they? It is such a delicious and lip-smacking treat. We all love it. 

All you gotta do is just smear a patch of peanut butter over your bathroom wall at a height that is easily accessible for your dog. And that’s it. Your little furry friend will easily get busy with licking off the sweet treat while you can get busy with bathing him. 

This hack is such a life saver! And incredibly simple too. 

Add fun elements to the bathroom


making dog bathing fun

If your dog does not like baths, it’s probably because you’ve made bathing seem like a tedious and unpleasant task for him. And c’mon, nobody likes that. 

Help your dog make positive and fun associations with bathing. Make him think of it as a playtime. Bringing toys is a great way to keep him entertained and distracted. 

One tip not for your dog but you - Block the drain. 

Put a piece of steel wool in the drain to catch the dog hair and prevent it from plugging your drain.

See? That wasn’t so hard. If you’re feeling accomplished, maybe you should bathe the cat— or not.

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