6 Tips on keeping your dog healthy during monsoon

Monsoons are one of the favourite times of the year. Long drives and scenic views soothe the eyes of the humans so much that they often look ahead to this weather. But is it the same for everyone?  

As a dog parent, you may be concerned about your pet, and the additional care required this season. During this moody season of heat, humidity, downpours, and thunderstorms, you must be prepared to take the appropriate precautions and ensure that your furry friend receives all of the essential care and comfort.

Comforting during storms and rough weather, scheduling bathing days, outdoor visits, frequent cleaning, and dietary restrictions are several actions you'll need to do to care for your furry friend.

Let's turn to some essential tips that help you, and your pet get monsoon ready!

Taking Care Of Dogs During Monsoon

Reduce the walk time

If your pet is a rain lover, you don’t have to worry about taking them for a pleasant stroll outside. However, if they don’t enjoy the dampness, you will have to -

  • cut your walk duration as much as possible and
  • organize your potty breaks efficiently, as rains can disrupt your regular schedule.

To avoid having your dog's fur and paws wet and soiled, it is advisable to dress them in a good quality raincoat and boots.

Reduce Walk Time

Keep your pet clean and groomed

For many pet parents, having a dog who is fussy about boots can be a nightmare. If your dog isn't a lover of rain boots - 

  • keep pet wipes on hand when they return home.
  • After coming from the outside, wash the paws with clean water or use soft antibacterial wipes to wipe away all the muck and filth.
  • Remember to keep their paw pads clipped and nails short to make cleaning easier.

Keep Your Pet Clean and Groomed

Schedule baths with outdoor playing 

Bathing is reduced to the bare minimum during monsoons. Therefore, if your dog enjoys outdoor play time, remember to arrange both of them together so that you can bathe your dog in order to avoid any infections or tick & flea infestations. 

 Tips for post-monsoon play grooming 

  1. Invest in premium bathing and grooming items like dry shampoo or antibacterial shampoo, combs, brushes and absorbent towels to keep a healthy coat and skin.
  2. Dogs are the most susceptible to tick and flea infestation during monsoon. Keep your house equipped with anti-tick and flea products like shampoo, sprays, medications, and collars for prevention. This is needed only if your dog is prone to infestation. 

Schedule Baths with Outdoor Playing

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During this season, the likelihood of damp fur is very high, allowing a breeding ground for all pests and germs. This leads to numerous allergies and diseases if left alone for long periods.

As a result, it's critical to keep an eye on your pet, particularly the concealed areas between the paws and the ear area, and clean and dry them as needed with paw/ ear wipes and ear cleaning solutions.


Give your pet company during thunderstorms 

Thunderstorms and cloud bursts can cause anxiety, fear, and discomfort in your dog. Thus, your dog needs you more than ever in such a turbulent time!

  • Be there for them by using distractions such as treats and toys, petting, playing, or providing a comfortable space.
  • Distract them from the outside by providing a safe and secure place inside. 

Give Company To Your Pet

Manage the diet 

Food is one thing that needs extra care during monsoons for everyone. With open water everywhere, the breeding of mosquitoes and insects is widespread. In such weather - 

  • give your dog a balanced and fibre diet to enhance their immune and digestive health.
  • Try to avoid canned or processed foods as much as possible and ensure your dog has access to clean, boiling water.

Maintain Diet

Include indoor stimulation activities 

Pets enjoy roaming and playing outside, but rain can drastically diminish their outdoor fun. It is critical for pet parents to provide playful activities to keep their pets occupied in such times.

When there are no outdoor activities available, games like toss and catch, fetch, and interactive ball games are great to do with your pet. 

Include Indoor Stimulation Activities

Just remember, everything doesn’t start after the rain pours! Before the arrival of the monsoons -

  • it is imperative to take your dog to the veterinarian so that they may provide appropriate vaccines and
  • deworm if necessary and notify you of any precautions or treatment plans that you should follow to keep your furry companion safe and well. 

Happy monsoon to you and your furry mate!

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