Hiking With Your Dog - 10 Tips to Remember

If you’re both a dog parent and a traveller then I’m sure you have already thought of hiking up beautiful scenarios with your furry companion! This can indeed be a blessing in many ways such as breaking from the city life; a great bonding exercise with your pet and a good workout for you and your companion.

Taking a hike comes with a lot of planning not only for you but especially for your pet. You must checklist some requirements beforehand so that you and your mate have a fun, enjoyable, and memorable hike!

PS: A item checklist available at the end of the article.

1. Choosing A Pet-Friendly Trail

The first step to planning your hike is to choose a pet-friendly trail that you and your pet can embark upon, comfortably. There may be a lot of places that you would want to hike, however, if they aren’t pet-friendly, taking your pet there isn’t the right option. Thus, choosing a trail that’s pet friendly must be an important decision made beforehand.

 2. Exercising Regularly Before the Big Walk

Before going on the hike, it is essential for both you and your pet to exercise every day. This is due to the fact that –

  • These earlier days can aid in your and your pet's development of endurance for the ultimate walk.
  • Additionally, this might assist you in determining whether your animal friend needs additional time and practice.

Making sure your pet walks and exercises regularly before the long hike is something else you should keep in mind previously. You don't want your dog is lie down in the middle of the hike because he is unable t move. 

3. Meeting The Veterinarian for An All-Round Check-Up

You should also consult the vet beforehand to make sure your pet is healthy overall and prepared for the stroll. You can make the process easier regarding their health by finding out –

  • if their body is prepared for strenuous physical activity and if you require any supplements or immunizations.
  • Additionally, you should search and keep a list of veterinarians in your hiking region in case your pet needs medical attention.

meeting a vet for a checkup

4. Packing All Necessary Items for Your Pet

There are a lot of things that you will have to carry for your pet’s hike.  Some of these include –

An excellent strategy to make sure you don't overlook anything is to ask your veterinarian for guidance on the things your pet will need.

5. Training Your Pet with The Basics

Basic instructions like - sit, come, stay, leave it, and look around are important to teach your pet because they will be very useful in hilly areas. If your pet is familiar with these commands, you may be able to forego a lot of the complicated understanding and training while you are actually hiking.

Thus, you must train your pets beforehand so that you can have a comfortable yet controllable trip with your furry mate.

6. Mark Your Leash and Collar with Identification

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should have your dog wearing a collar and leash (when hiking) so that:

  • Other travellers will feel at ease knowing that you are in control.
  • Furthermore, labelling them with your phone number and other significant information can be useful in case the leash or other item is misplaced.
  • Lastly, you can recognize your pet in dim light or from a distance thanks to the distinctive colour used for identification.

7. Keep A Check on Your Dog While Hiking

It’s not needed to say that you must check your dog when hiking, but what’s to be checked is important, such as –

  • If they are comfortable walking or need any supplements such as shoes or coveralls.
  • If they haven't picked up or eaten anything from the ground below.
  • If they just need to take a break for a while.

Regular checks on your pet can help you identify if they are comfortable, or in need of any assistance, thus helping you take the needed steps.

8. Poop Picking Applies There Too

Unspoken ground rules must be obeyed wherever you go, and that includes picking up after your dog has pooped. It is important to do your duty diligently and throw it into the nearest dustbin, thereby keeping the area as it is.

If you are looking for poop bags to carry for your hike, look no further than here!

9. Don’t Forget to Rest Post the Hike

Don't forget to give yourself and your pet a well-deserved break after an exhilarating hike so that you can both recharge and regain your energy. You must –

  • Give them enough time to rest and unwind;
  • Provide them with enough food and drink - all so that they can be back on their feet and running!

10. Take your Time to come back to your Routine 

After your hiking trip, take time to rest and recover.

  • Look at your dogs paws to check for injuries or inflammation.
  • Brush them and observe for any discomfort.
  • Keep walks very short.
  • If your dog shows any signs of discomfort after the hike, consult a vet immediately.


Well, we hope that this has been a helpful guide to you before you embark on your next hike with your best companion. Don’t forget to checklist all these points so that you can have an amazing trip – filled with memories and pictures!


As promised, here is a checklist so you don't miss out on anything important! 

1. Dog Bowl

2. Treats

3. Dog Food (if you dog takes wet food or home food, remember to freeze it, so it doesn't spoil)

4. Walking gear 

5. Jacket (in case, it is cold) or raincoat (if it's rainy)

6. First aid box with ongoing medication

7. Dry Bath Shampoo

8. Water

9. Poop bags


 Happy Hiking!

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