Why Does My Dog Freak Out When I Take His Collar Off?

Why Does My Dog Freak Out When I Take His Collar Off?


Contrary to what we would imagine, that is for a dog to be extremely happy and relaxed upon the removal of their collar, some dogs find this to be a trigger that can actually freak them out.

Wondering why? – the answer is the behaviours that have been linked to them.

  • For example - if your dog only wears the collar when they are out for a walk, removing the collar can mean an end to their strolling and playtime, which can in turn make them upset and even freaked out.
  • Another example could also be that if your pet is allowed to remove a collar before they go and run freely in the park, the joy that they receive can in turn make them happy yet freaky.

In conclusion, it isn’t the collar in itself that causes them to freak out, but the association of the forthcoming events made with the collar can be a cause of these freak outs.

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