Why Does My Dog Roll Around in Poop?

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Why Does My Dog Roll Around in Poop?

Another behaviour common to the aspect “bizarre” and “pooping” is that dogs tend to roll around in their, or others’ poop. Now even though there isn’t one definite answer to that one; there indeed are some plausible ones: -

1. Scent Masking

  • Your dog generally rolls in their poop, or others in order to cover or mask their scent.
  • This can be traced back to olden times such that covering their scent with someone else’s helped them protect their scent and put predators off the trail to track them.
  • Thus, as an evolutionary trait, this is one theory that dogs roll in poop to protect or mask them from potential enemies.


2. Territory Marking

  • Another theory, much contrary to the previous one states that your dog generally rolls in poop in order to actually leave their scent.
  • In other words, this means that they try to mark their territory and let their fellow mates know that this is their jurisdiction and they do not want anyone to capture it.

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  • Jeanie Manser

    These totally make sense! Our new dog has picked up this habit when he’s excited and I wish it would stop so badly! He finally stopped having accidents inside, which we were so grateful for because we were able to get a carpet cleaning to fix all the smells and stains he caused, but with this new habit of rolling around in poop, we’re bathing him much more than before! We also have a few dogs in our neighborhood so it makes sense that he’s marking his territory. Thanks for the info!

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