Why Does My Dog Sigh All the Time?

Why Does My Dog Sigh All the Time?

Dogs have a pretty simple life, yet have you noticed that they often sigh a lot? Well, unlike us, their sighs mean something different. Why dogs sigh a lot include –

1. Indication of Relaxation

  • Dogs sigh to let the other dogs as well as their owners know that they are comfortable and relaxed in the environment.
  • Moreover, when deep sighs are followed with half-closed eyes, it indicates a deeper state of relaxation that your pet is entering into.

2. Underlying Health Issues

  • Often sighs can also mean that the pet is in pain or is suffering from some illness.
  • Deep sighing, which is often followed by becoming lethargic, and no longer wanting to play or run around, can indicate an underlying issue which one should bring to the vets notice immediately.

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