Why does my dog smell and what should I do about it?

bad smelling dog

Sometimes you’re all excited for your guests to meet your dog for the first time, but when they walk through the door of your house, they notice an odour. It may make them uncomfortable. It’s not very pleasant for either of you.

All dogs are bound to smell from time to time. You may wonder where the bad smell comes from? It’s not like he rolled over in the litter box or something. Well, dogs smell for the same reason that anyone else would when they don’t bathe - Sweat! Also, dogs don’t sweat from their fur. They sweat through the glands in their paws! And because your dog scratches himself with his sweaty paws, it is likely to cause a foul smell. Let alone, walking all around your carpets and furniture. 

You might notice the smell and give him a bath to get rid of the odour temporarily. While you bathe him, it is important to remember to avoid using harsh detergents or shampoo products to bathe your dog, it can cause skin problems or an imbalance of natural microflora. 

Selecting the right products for your dog is a very crucial step for a dog owner. We advise you to use natural and mild shampoos with mild fragrance. 

After bath, make sure to dry your dog completely to prevent wet fur smell. 

But remember that bathing dogs too often is harmful for their skin and fur. It leads to rashes and stiff fur. And because you can’t bathe them as regularly as we humans do, most dog owners have a hard time figuring out how to get rid of dog odour. 

If you’re confused about what to do about doggy odour in between baths, you should definitely dry shampoo. It is very safe and mild to use on pets. Choose a  gentle formula which can be used everyday or as often as needed to keep your pet odour-free. 

forfurs dry shampoo

Forfurs Natural dry shampoo for dogs is perfect for in-between baths.

forfurs deodorant to get rid of dog skunk

Forfurs Natural Vanilla Deodorant adds freshness both between baths and after bathing and deodorises your pet’s skin and coat. 

Although, sweat is not always the reason causing odour. If you can’t get rid of it with a bath or grooming, the cause is probably something else which is medical related and it is advised to visit your veterinarian. It could be because of dental diseases, kidney diseases, anal sac issues, skin infection, ear infection or flatulance. 

A few cautions and considerations to remember if your dog is suffering from long term odour:
  • Veterinary check ups and examinations from time to time to get proper treatment for any bacterial, fungal, parasitic infections before it gets worse. 
  • Look out for skin infections, sores, hot spots, rashes that may be causing a smell. 
  • Clean his teeth regularly and check for dental problems.
  • Clean his ears regularly and look out for yeast infections.

Other than that, diet can also contribute to dog odour. High quality and high protein diets are generally best to prevent your dog from smelling bad.

Do let us know if you tried any of the hack. 

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