Why Does My Dog Stare at Me When He Poops?

Why does my dog look at me so intently when they are pooping?

While most of you might think that it’s weird; there is a reason why your pet does that.

  • Firstly, it is a sign of seeking security - your pet looks at you with an instilled trust that you will protect them.
  • Because of the open habitat, a lot of predators took advantage of a vulnerable time and position to attack, which the dogs fear and thus look for someone who would protect them during their poop time.
  • Thus, they look at you with those eyes only and only to make themselves comfortable and to make sure that you will look out for them from any enemies when they relieve themselves.

So, the next time your dog looks at you during their poop time; make sure to give them -

  • the signal, trust and, confidence that you are indeed protecting them any harm
  • and that they can be comfortable and not tense!

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