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    Dog Bandana

    Be it any festivities, formal occasions or just a simple day out a bandana will help your pup to look its utmost best.

    Bandanas are not only a styling accessory but also a useful protective gear for when you take your Dog outdoors, it can act as a sun shield, protect the skin and coat from any unnecessary dust or moisture or you can simply use them as tick and flea repellent by spraying the solution onto the bandana and *ta-dah* Your furry friend is outdoor-ready!

    Here at Forfurs we offer a selection of easy to use, slip over the collar reversible Bandanas which come in all sizes and various fun prints that are suitable for any occasion, the bandanas are made with 100% pure Cotton which helps to keep the Dog stylish without compromising the comfort factor. 


    Can Dogs wear Bandanas? Are they safe?

    The answer is yes. Under proper supervision and care from time to time it is safe to put a bandana on your dog. And like collars you need to get your dog used to wearing a bandana, it is better to start early when your fur ball is still a pup but hey it is okay if it is an adult dog too as with training and some patience anything is possible!


    How to choose a perfect fit when buying a bandana?

    Always remember to measure your Dog’s neck circumference properly before you shop for a bandana, just like a collar it should neither be too tight nor too loose, a size chart has been provided for our bandana collection which will help you to order the correct size for your pup.

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