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    Cat Harness 

    Cat parents are being more open to the idea of taking their feline buddy out for walks or long travels and if you are one of them you might want to focus on getting the most important travelling gear for your cat, that is a Harness. Unlike Dogs, walking a Cat in a collar is a straight no-no as cats are known to be very agile and are always trying to escape through the smallest of spaces, for them a collar is no different and they might try to escape and they can be very successful at it too, collars can also be quite a problem because if the cat suddenly tries to sprint out of surprise or curiosity it can cause the collar to strain the cat’s sensitive neck muscle which can prove to be very fatal.

    Hence a harness is always the best choice, the harness goes around the cat’s shoulder and the chest area giving the owner better control and as the harness covers almost half of the cat’s entire body it becomes difficult for them to escape through it. Always remember that patience is the key when you are introducing your feline friend to the harness, many cats won’t be fond of wearing a harness and that's okay, try to give to them some positive encouragements such as treats, play with them or find the right time when the cat is calm and not stressed so that they can be more comfortable and open to wearing a harness. Cat harnesses come in various styles such as H-Style, vests, jackets and figure 8 style, buy the right harness style by taking your cat’s size, behaviour and comfort level into consideration.   

    You can head on over to our store and check out Forfurs collection of Step-in cat Harnesses which are made with premium polyester webbing and strong hardware for durability along with fully adjustable buckles with a 4 point locking system which helps the harness to stay secure in its place. Available in various eye-catching colours and soft padding for extra comfort.

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