13 products

    13 products
    Trixie Playing rod with fish, plastic/plush, catnip
    Rs. 275.00
    Trixie Playing rod XXL with fish, plastic/fabric, catnip
    Rs. 645.00
    Trixie Catnip Ball with Bell, 4 cm
    Rs. 250.00
    Trixie Mouse, plush, catnip
    Rs. 195.00
    Petstages Green Magic Dynamite Catnip Filled, 22 cm
    Rs. 675.00
    Petsport Fresh Veggies Felted Cat Toy Assorted, 10 cm
    Rs. 425.00
    Trixie Catnip Bubbles 120 ml
    Rs. 450.00
    Trixie Catnip Dispenser 30 gms
    Rs. 275.00
    Trixie Catnip Play Spray
    from Rs. 275.00
    Outward Hound Cat Banana Chew Toy, 21 cm
    Rs. 625.00
    Outward Hound Kitty Chew Wheel, 9 cm
    Rs. 245.00
    Outward Hound ORKA Catnip Infused Spool, 13 cm
    Rs. 295.00
    Outward Hound Catnip Chaser, Independent Cat Play Toy, 24 cm
    Rs. 795.00