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    Dog Harness 

    More pet parents are opting for a harness when they’ve got themselves a “puller” furry friend because a harness can give them much better control than a collar does. And the problem with a collar is that when a dog starts pulling or dragging while walking/ leash training, the collar puts a considerable amount of strain around the neck area which can prove very fatal over time as the Dog can suffer from muscle discomfort around the neck or shoulder blade area and in the worst case scenario a collapsed trachea. 

    Thus to save your pet from the discomfort choosing a harness is the best option. A Harness is worn around the Dog’s shoulder and chest area which helps to evenly distribute the pressure when the leash is pulled, with the right size it allows for a snug, comfortable fit for the Dog and it also provides an easier flow of movement while walking or running. Harness comes in various types such as H- type, Step-in, Front clip, Back clip, Dual clip and Vest style, always buy the right harness style by taking your Dog’s size, activity, behaviour and comfort level into consideration.    

    You can head on over to our store and check out Forfurs collection of Harnesses which are made with premium polyester webbing and strong hardware for durability along with fully adjustable buckles with a 4 point locking system which helps the harness to stay secure in its place. Available in various eye-catching designs and soft padding for extra comfort.

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