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    Dog Shampoo & conditioner

    Bathing is one of the most important step in a dog’s grooming routine as bathing helps to remove any dirt build up or any unwanted residuals, keeping the dog’s skin and coat clean, free from mats, tangles, ticks ,fleas and itchy or irritated skin conditions.


    Choosing the right Shampoo and conditioner is important to keep your dog’s coat healthy, the main determining factors should be the dog’s coat type, skin condition, activity level and if you’re in any doubt do not shy away from consulting the veterinarian. Never use shampoos or conditioners recommended for a human on a dog as its coat and skin are is very sensitive and has a different PH balance level than humans, hence the shampoos or conditioners which are not meant for a dog can cause allergic reactions, increased hair shedding and dry skin or other irritable skin conditions, so always remember to use bathing products that are specifically made for dogs only. 


    Here at Forfurs we offer a selection of Dog Shampoos and conditioners from various brands like Hydra, Tropiclean and so on, including Forfurs range of Shampoos and conditioners that are made with some of nature's finest ingredients specially formulated to keep your furry friend’s skin and coat at its best condition.

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