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    H-Type Harness

    H-type Dog harnesses are one of the most basic and adaptable options that are available, It has two straps one which is for the shoulder area and the other for the chest area. The harness places the D-ring for leash attachment on the dog's back and consists of adjustable buckles at various sides for perfect fit. When opened and laid flat on the surface the harness takes form of alphabet 'H',hence the name. 

    Pros - 

    • H-type dog harnesses are easier for dogs to adjust to than other forms of dog harnesses. 
    • Small dog breeds with delicate throats or necks would benefit from the H-type dog harness. 

    Cons - 

    • One major con of the H-type harness is, it may aggravate pulling issues because dogs move in the opposite direction of force exerted, so if you're pulling on top, they'll pull forward.
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