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    Trixie Tugger Round with Plastic Handle
    Rs. 475.00
    Trixie Tugger with Plastic Cross, 35 cm
    Rs. 395.00
    Trixie Rope Toy with Woven-in Ball, Various colours
    Rs. 450.00
    Trixie Rope Ring, cotton/polyester, various colours
    Rs. 645.00
    Trixie Rope Dumbbell, Various Colours, 20 cm
    Rs. 450.00
    Trixie Rope Ball with Handle
    Rs. 360.00
    Trixie Rope Dumbbell, 15 cm
    Rs. 275.00
    Trixie Ring Rope with Tennis Ball, 6 cm / 18 cm
    Rs. 295.00
    Trixie Playing rope, cotton/TPR, 50 cm
    Rs. 725.00
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    Trixie Playing Rope with Balls, latex/cotton, soundless
    Rs. 425.00
    Trixie Playing Rope, Various Colours
    from Rs. 175.00
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    Trixie Playing Rope with Tennis Ball
    Rs. 550.00
    Trixie Playing Rope with Woven-in Ball
    from Rs. 195.00
    Trixie Playing Rope, cotton/polyester, 40 cm
    Rs. 450.00
    Trixie Playing Rope with Woven-in Ball
    Rs. 360.00
    Trixie Playing Rope with 2 Hand Loops, 38cm
    Rs. 450.00
    Trixie Playing Rope, 31cm
    Rs. 215.00
    Trixie Hole Ball with Bell
    Rs. 395.00
    Trixie BE NORDIC knot ball on a rope
    from Rs. 350.00
    Trixie BE NORDIC knot ball rope
    from Rs. 775.00
    Trixie Animal With Rope Plush, Sorted, 13 cm
    Rs. 595.00
    Trixie Ball with Phosphorescent Rope, natural rubber
    Rs. 360.00
    Trixie Ball on a Rope, Natural Rubber, dia 6/30 cm
    Rs. 360.00
    Petsport Twisted Chews Mini Braided Cotton Rope Bumper, 18 cm
    Rs. 445.00
    Petsport Twisted Chews-Medium Braided Cotton Rope Bumper with 2 TPR Balls, 24 cm
    Rs. 725.00
    Petsport Twisted Chews Two Knot Rope
    Rs. 175.00
    Petsport Mini Fetch Me Fido, 20 cm Handle, 5 cm Tuff Ball
    Rs. 375.00
    Petsport Critter Tug, 33 cm
    Rs. 815.00
    Petsport Braided Rope Rasta Man with Tennis Ball
    from Rs. 695.00
    Petsport 10" Discus Maximus Disk
    Rs. 525.00
    Petsport Giant Five Knot Cotton Rope, 72 inch
    Rs. 1,695.00
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    Outward Hound Tail Teaser with Refill Interactive Dog Toy, 93 x 6 x 19 cm
    Rs. 2,000.00
    Outward Hound Mini Bone Tug, 15 cm
    Rs. 475.00
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