392 products

    392 products
    Trixie Rooster, Animal Sound, Plush, 60 cm
    Rs. 1,350.00
    Trixie Junior Bear Puppy Toy, 28 cm
    Rs. 750.00
    Trixie Litter Scoop for Clumping and Silicate Litter
    Rs. 99.00
    Trixie Dog Socks, non-slip, 2pcs, grey
    from Rs. 295.00
    Trixie Muzzle Flex, Silicone, Black
    from Rs. 1,550.00
    Trixie Microfibre Towel, Grey
    Rs. 675.00
    Trixie Brush with Natural Bristles
    Rs. 315.00
    Trixie Hole Ball with Bell
    Rs. 395.00
    Trixie Ryan carrier, black
    from Rs. 2,950.00
    Trixie Towel, PVA, Grey
    Rs. 875.00
    Trixie Nappy Hygiene Pad, Lavender Scent, 7 pcs.
    Rs. 325.00
    Trixie Assortment Longies ,Latex, 18cm
    Rs. 375.00
    Trixie Denta Fun Playing Rope with Ball, Mint
    Rs. 595.00
    Trixie Be Eco Ball with Band Floatable TPE
    Rs. 1,195.00
    Trixie Denta Fun Bone, Mint Flavour, 11cm
    Rs. 675.00
    Trixie Bungee Boomerang Triplex, TPR, Various, 17cm
    Rs. 825.00
    Trixie Ball, natural rubber, soundless, Various, 7cm
    Rs. 550.00
    Trixie Denta Fun Ball, Natural Rubber, Mint Flavour, 6cm
    Rs. 475.00
    Trixie Cooling bone, natural rubber, 11 cm
    Rs. 675.00
    Sold Out
    Trixie Ball on a Rope, Thermoplastic Rubber
    Rs. 550.00
    Trixie Flashing Hedgehog Ball, TPR, 5cm
    Rs. 275.00
    Trixie Ball with Sound, Thermoplastic Rubber
    from Rs. 325.00
    Trixie Dog Disc, Floatable, Natural Rubber
    from Rs. 495.00
    Sold Out
    Trixie Dumbbell With Bell, Various, 12cm
    Rs. 375.00
    Trixie Denta Fun Ball, TPR, 6cm
    Rs. 475.00
    Trixie Dog Activity Flip & Fun Strategy Game,23 cm
    Rs. 1,075.00
    Sold Out
    Trixie Dog Activity Poker Box 2 Strategy Game
    Rs. 2,650.00
    Trixie Dog Toy Rooster, Plush, 22 cm
    Rs. 645.00
    Trixie Flex ball, latex, 6cm
    Rs. 295.00
    Trixie Hedgehog Ball, Latex, Various
    from Rs. 275.00
    Trixie Assortment of Animal Faces Toy Balls, latex, 6cm
    Rs. 315.00
    Trixie Bristle Pig Latex with Sound, Various, 28 cm
    Rs. 375.00
    Trixie Caterpillar Latex with Motifs, 26 cm
    Rs. 1,250.00
    Trixie Chicken Toy for Dogs, Latex
    from Rs. 375.00
    Trixie Cow Latex Original Animal Sound, 19 cm
    Rs. 915.00
    Trixie Crocodile, Latex, 33cm
    Rs. 995.00
    Trixie Duck ,Latex ,White, 13cm
    Rs. 395.00
    Trixie Duck ,Latex, 14 cm
    Rs. 275.00
    Trixie Duck Latex with Animal Sound, 30 cm
    Rs. 1,075.00
    Trixie Duck Latex with Original Animal Sound, 20 cm
    Rs. 550.00
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