219 products

    219 products
    Trixie Cat Collar, Elastic
    Rs. 135.00
    Trixie Dog Protect Car Harness
    from Rs. 2,895.00
    Trixie Mio cat litter tray with rim
    Rs. 955.00
    Trixie Nylon Muzzle
    from Rs. 250.00
    Trixie Plastic Bowl for Cats, non-slip, 200ml
    Rs. 110.00
    Trixie Plastic Bowl for dogs
    from Rs. 125.00
    Trixie Playing rod with fish, plastic/plush, catnip
    Rs. 275.00
    Trixie Playing rod with mouse plush, 50 cm
    Rs. 550.00
    Trixie Playing rod with butterfly, 45 cm
    Rs. 450.00
    Trixie Playing Rod with Feathers, 50 cm
    Rs. 150.00
    Trixie Playing rod with peacock feather, plastic
    Rs. 250.00
    Trixie Playing Rod with Leather Straps & Feathers, 50 cm
    Rs. 195.00
    Trixie Playing rod XXL with fish, plastic/fabric, catnip
    Rs. 645.00
    Trixie Protective Collar with Velcro
    from Rs. 350.00
    Trixie Protective Sock, Silicone, Grey
    from Rs. 925.00
    Trixie Safer Life Cat Collar, Reflective, with bell , Various Colours
    Rs. 275.00
    Trixie Walker Active Protective Boots, 2 pcs, Black
    from Rs. 1,600.00
    Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Boots, 2pcs, black
    from Rs. 650.00
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    Trixie Walking aid, black
    Rs. 1,950.00
    Trixie Paw Care Spray for Dogs & Cats, 50 ml
    Rs. 315.00
    Trixie Paw care lotion, 50 ml
    Rs. 315.00
    Trixie Natural Oil Skin Care Cream, 50 ml
    Rs. 425.00
    Trixie Sisal Ball, 6 cm
    Rs. 250.00
    Trixie Sisal mouse, 10 cm
    Rs. 225.00
    Trixie Junior Kitten Circle, 24 cm
    Rs. 625.00
    Trixie Snack Ball Interactive Toy, 7 cm
    Rs. 360.00
    Trixie Snack Ball, Plastic
    Rs. 395.00
    Trixie Litter scoop with holder
    Rs. 595.00
    Trixie Litter Scoop for Clumping and Silicate Litter
    Rs. 99.00
    Trixie Litter Scoop for Ultra Litter, Heavy
    Rs. 125.00
    Trixie Litter Scoop for Ultra Litter, Various
    Rs. 110.00
    Trixie Simple'n'Clean cat litter deodorizer, spring fresh, 750 g
    Rs. 875.00
    Trixie Simple'n'Clean cat litter deodorizer, odourless, 200 g
    Rs. 445.00
    Trixie Junior Kitty cat litter tray
    Rs. 450.00
    Trixie Cat harness with leash
    Rs. 575.00
    Trixie Cat Harness with Leash, Various Colours
    Rs. 360.00
    Trixie Kitten Harness with Leash, Various Colours
    Rs. 375.00
    Trixie Jasira Cuddly Bag, Black / Beige
    Rs. 2,550.00
    Trixie Soft Brush with Soft Plastic Bristles, 19 cm
    Rs. 395.00
    Trixie Dog Socks, non-slip, 2pcs, grey
    from Rs. 295.00