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At the beginning of time around 4 million years ago, humans coincided with equids and traveled alongside each other in the ancient territories of Tanzania. this bi-specie coexistence sowed the seeds of a deep-rooted relationship that has shaped the world today. Over the millennia horses have been a crucial part in shaping our society from the diet, transportation, work, religion, properties, military services, sports to commodities these creatures have been present every hoof of the way as they have evolved from wild to domestic animals

Horses are identified as these beautifully majestic herculean creatures displaying a strong and powerful range of emotions. They are known to be specials animals that can create a strong bond between humans. Whether it’s communicating with other horses or humans they can quickly pick communicative clues and thrive off of social settings. This has been one of the major reasons why humans and horses share such a powerful intimate bond with each other. horses are one of the few mammals to form a mutually beneficial, lifelong, deep emotional association with humans.

As a wild, social animals horses are known to move in packs. Just like any human, horses need companionship and follow a family structure that reinstates the dominance of one member among the herd. The older more dominant stallion will always lead the herd through her attitude rather than physical intimidation with an average span of two years.

These gregarious animals need to form relationships to feel content. Any lack of socialization can have a psychological shift in behavior that can negatively impact a horse, specialty the younger ones. Humans can significantly boost their mood and give them the required sense of companionship through various activities like playing with them, training them, or grooming them.

Beyond the ordinary relationship, these mammals share with humans they also pick up and understand the human emotions from their expressions, whether that’d be anxiety, happiness, or anger.  Because horses are particularly socially intelligent, Demonstrating negative emotions can rub off of them inevitably leading to change in their own mood. their strong sense of intuition makes these the first mammal to recognize, analyze, respond and remember emotions

Not only can these animals analyze human behavior, facial expressions, and moods but also have the ability to express their own emotions through whines and snorts. Snorting is their way of telling us how happy they are. The more frequent the snort the happier they are

It is a known fact that horses can have calming effects on humans and can significantly reduce your heart rate. While also providing people with physical exercises. The physicalities that are involved in riding a horse are unlike any other sport or exercise, targeting different parts of the body with the capacity to burn up to 200 calories in under 45 minutes. Not only does it stimulate the human body physically but also mentally. Right from the begging of forming a relationship to riding them people tend to show signs of security and a better understanding when dealing with adversities of traumas. Treatments like equine-assisted therapy can help in lifting spirits.

The bond that a human and a horse share is unmatched. This relationship that lasts life long is emotionally effectuated and beautiful which makes goodbyes incredibly tough. Forfurs want to make your experience immaculate with uniquely designed products for your horse.

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