Dogs are a part of human life for approximately 10,000 years, the oldest domestic animal known to man. Evidence of this is found in artifacts, Tomb paintings, and text that has revealed dogs as being pets and members of the family since ancient times. Forfurs shows you exactly how important your furballs are in your life.

Have you ever tried communicating with your dog and completely giving up, let me break it to you, you may speak dog better than you think – however you might not be fluent that would be uncanny and would require you to be a dog. If you were to be put in an all dogs world you would be a pretty good communicator and have a decent understanding of what they were trying to say. From a menacing growl to a nervous yip, or a bark that greets you to a bark that means you are in danger, reading the body language and understanding the clues are all forms of

As Dawn breaks on a misty morning and the Birds Start beginning to chirp you are intruded by your alarm; your dog, rubbing his wet nose and morning kisses all over your face, wagging his tail and swaying his head excited for a new day and adventures to come.

Waking up in the morning to your dog beside you is much more exciting than waking up when the usual alarm goes off on your phone. Your dog is even more excited as he maneuvers around chasing his wagging tail to have his leash
around him and get out of the door for his morning walks.

This is the wonderful thing about having a dog that makes your life much better. They make you smile and get you out of bed and encourage you to have a mindful life and be present in the moment. Dogs make you feel valued,
cherished, and loved, which is why it comes as no surprise that they inevitably improve your mental, physical, and emotional being.

But why does a dog significantly make you feel happier?

Studies have shown and proven that dogs can improve your mood, give you a more positive outlook on life, and can even significantly reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression.  This is all because even the slightest interaction with a puppy causes your brain to produce a hormone called Oxytocin often referred to as a ‘cuddle chemical’ known to reduce your levels of stress and induces a feeling of relaxation and calmness. That fuzzy warm feeling you get when you cuddle with your little pup is all because of that hormone called oxytocin.

These four-legged creatures can teach us a lot more, other than just being a loyal companion. They teach us generosity, patience, compassion, and even kindness. These qualities are known to be carried out into our personal and professional life, gearing us up for smoother socialization skills.

If your puppy is anything like a normal dog he probably goes into a frenzy of eagerness and excitement at the thought of getting to play with some dog toys. Wagging his tail and maneuvering around wide-eyed, getting a little bit bonkers is their way of showing their joy.

There is a myriad of toys in the market available for dogs and it is no doubt that your puppy may have their personal favorites to choose from but for every dog toy out there, there is a scientific reason behind its existence. When it comes to enriching the canine, ForFurs offers you meaningful toys for your dog’s growth and development, carefully selecting toys with a purpose, made with premium quality materials that are safe for your pup.

Ensuring your dog plays with dog toys is a crucial part of their health and well being. Dogs are very much like humans; they require playing as a key component for their mental and emotional health. These toys are important as
they help in eliminating destructive behaviors in them.

Dogs will always be an essential part of your life, it is vital to honor the love and joy they bring you. Treat them from time to time to show you love them equally as much because dogs are the only creatures on Earth who love you more than they could love themselves.

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