About Us

Pampering our furballs with handcrafted additions to their daily routines is what Forfurs is all about. Our four-pawed buddies deserve all that and more. 

Forfurs comes to the rescue of dutiful pet parents, coinciding utmost quality, style, and functionality, in equal doses for all our products. Our organisation came to be for that very purpose – to help you coddle your pets with premium handcrafted products. You can think of us as the ultimate style partner for your canines and cats. Forfurs prides itself on being a necessity first, and an accessory second. 



Subjected to the fear of being bitten by a furry, Vanya never considered herself an avid dog lover. However, once Hugo was introduced as a new family member by her brother, her perception took a 180. Hugo’s positive impact on Vanya’s outlook was solely due to the unconditional love pets are known to provide. Starry-eyed love replaced the fear which was once present, and Vanya spent her free time scouting the best products and goodies for her favourite furball.

Vanya’s hometown, Kanpur, is a major hub for global manufacturing and export of equestrian and pet products. After visiting a few manufacturing workshops and conducting her groundwork research, she arrived at the conclusion that there was an immense and apparent difference in the quality of products sold in the Indian market, and those exported overseas. That is where her actual journey began. With a vision to change the outcome of this occurrence, Vanya set up her own workshop for handmade products in the ‘pet accessory’ space. Soon after, she began manufacturing and exporting equestrian and pet products to European markets to learn and understand the industry. She moved on to participating in international trade fairs to gain further learnings. One thing led to another, and today Vanya stands rendering supreme experiences to quality conscious pet owners. With personal experiences enabling her to understand exactly what their pets need, and how valuable their care is, Vanya has transpired Forfurs to cater to every need of Pet Parents.