We all fancy a little pampering, don’t we? Well, so do our four pawed friends, and we believe they deserve all the luxuries that the world has to offer. Of course, as dutiful pet parents, we want these luxuries to come with utmost quality, style and functionality, all in equal doses. Forfurs came to being for that very purpose – to help you coddle your pets with premium handcrafted products. You can think of us as your canine and cats’ ultimate style and need partner.



The founder of the brand, Vanya Chandel, was never really a dog lover. Guess, her fear of them after being bitten by one contributed to that. But things started to look different after her brother introduced another member to the family, Hugo. That is exactly what pets do, don’t they? They enter your life and bring with them only positivity and selfless companionship.  To say the least, Vanya’s fear was then replaced by love for that one and scouting for quality goodies for him became a new hobby. 

Her hometown, Kanpur is a major hub for manufacturing and export of equestrian and pet products to all around the world, and after visiting a couple of these manufacturing workshops, she came to this realisation. There was immense difference in the quality of products sold in the Indian market and those exported overseas. That is where it all started. Vanya decided to setup her own workshop for handmade products in this space. She soon started manufacturing and exporting equestrian and pet products to European market to learn about the industry and eventually, participated in international trade fairs to gain further insight. One thing led to another, and here she is now, rendering supreme experience to quality conscious pet owners. After all, she understands what it’s like to be a pet parent and how valuable their care is. Forfurs has been transpired to cater to exactly that care!