If the internet has taught us anything over the years is that people love watching kittens play around and have established the fact that they are quite peculiar creatures. The phrase ” a domesticated cat” seems more like an oxymoron because can we humans essentially ‘own’ a cat? Although cats and humans have had a symbiotic relationship for centuries, a lot of their behavior still comes off as totally baffling.


The human population can be divided into two categories; those who love cats and those who think that cats are always plotting against them, but can we blame the latter? These feline creatures are the most mysterious animals, more than any other furry family member.


Dogs are known to be man’s best friend because they are obedient, faithful and most of all sociable. On the other hand, a relationship with your cat can be considered transactional in nature. These animals are quite independent, aloof most of the time, and mysterious beings who need us solely when it is time to feed them.


Cats are similar to their ferocious ancestors that were found in the African continent known as the Felis Silvestris, a solitary species, while dogs are similar to theirs, the majestic wolves being the more domesticated amongst the two species. 


As time has passed and we have evolved, cats have adapted themselves to living alongside humans. They have become more sociable and accepting of humans as their owners, however, conspiracy theorists would say otherwise. Transitioning into the perfect pet to have – intelligent, independent, calm, and composed, they are known to do their own cleaning and exercising. Most of the other categories of domestic animals find this behavior quite frustrating, to see these cats so self-independent. But this is what sets them apart from any other species.


People are under the impression that an animal who sleeps for most of its life and always prefers to be by itself would not have any health benefits, but your feline may be doing a lot more to keep you healthy than you think.


A study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that having a cat as a pet can significantly reduce the risk of having a heart attack by 30%. Cats are often calm and composed and these interactions relieve stress and anxiety. Quite surprisingly, cats are of a great help to children who are autistic by becoming a tool for social interactions.


There are certain attributes of cats that have become a worldwide trending phenomenon with billions of views and we are all guilty of binge-watching them, but feel no shame because these videos are known to boost your mood, inducing positive energy in you. While you are at work and experiencing a mental block – do yourself a favor and click on some cat videos.


You would probably think that this enigmatic creature who always cleans itself would like a nice warm bath, but not in this case. Dogs would want to jump into the water at the very sight of it, but in the case of cats, they try their best to claw anything in their sight. 


If you happen to share your territory with one, you might have noticed a few peculiar behavioral patterns that are indicators of them trying to communicate in their bizarre way.


You are at your desk working on your laptop and your cat jumps up and sits on the keyboard while there are numerous soft cushiony places for it to sit on. Another scenario would be when you are on your couch binge-watching Netflix and your cat jumps up on you and stays put until you have established eye contact with it, these are common determinators that your cat just wants to play.


Cats are biologically known to hunt and are driven by their instinct to observe patterns, stalk, and chase their prey. The best way to engage them in a hunting experience will be playing, to mentally and physically stimulate them.


Make sure to invest in a Wand Toy, a sleek pole with a feather or a poof attached with a string. Once your cat redirects its energy to the toy, those sneak attacks and pouncing instincts will significantly reduce.


So whether or not your cat is a domestic aloof or not? We are sorry to break it to you, but there is no answer. Cats can be affectionate towards their owners and share an unbreakable bond. But this behavior only depends on their genetic predispositions and an early life experience with their humans. 


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