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What does your dog’s behaviour say about you?

If you have a dog by your side chances are no matter how much you adore them, there can be behaviors that you may not be able to tolerate that can make you impatient. Ever noticed yourself striking a command without letting them have the time to take an action? This may be contributing to a change in their overall behavior. Dogs do not have a sense of morality so they do not know what’s good and what’s bad for them, they just do what works best for them.

An effective positive dog behavior training will involve you, and your pet with a goal of rewarding the good behavior and ignoring the bad ones. It’s important to establish communication and set boundaries to avoid any confusion leading up to success. When you focus on a reward-based program, you establish trust and mutual respect

The ideation behind a good reward behavior is to train your dog to repeat it followed by treats. Trainers use a lot of verbal praises, toys, and treats to show them that preferred behavior. Unlike most of the other positive dog training behaviors, this does not require any physical punishment for bad behavior, instead, you just refuse to acknowledge the bad behavior.

While establishing good behavior it’s also important to understand the bad ones and reinforce a positive one instead. Forfurs will walk you through changing the boundaries by rewards at the right time.

Common bad dog behaviors 

There are behaviors that some humans may find rude especially strangers when your dog licks or jumps. Instead of punishing them for it politely guide them towards behavior that you reinforce with rewards


To keep your dog from barking at your visitors, command them to sit and stay before you open the door. hand over some treats to your guest to get your dog to be quiet. This associates polite behavior while welcoming them.


The reason your dog does  this is that he’s excited  and those are  happy signs but this behavior may scare off your guest, instead let your guest ignore them until they have all their paws down on the floor


licks are dogs giving you kisses and that’s their way of showing you how much they love you but when it gets excessive,  hand over a toy to stop them from licking.

Sitting on furniture

Cuddling with your pet on the sofa may be your stress buster but it’s also important to set some boundaries.

Pushing doors

Pushing through doors can be a dangerous habit for you and them. When this continuously keeps happening either command them to sit or put them on a leash while you open the doors


Chewing is a common habit among dogs especially when they are teething. When this happens give them chewing toys that are healthy and that also keep their gums clean. Make sure to keep your house tidy leaving no distractions for them.


All about them

If your dogs turn into an attention seeker, ignore them until they show different behaviors


Dogs love digging and burying their head underneath if this serves as a problem set a small spot designated for digging, encouraging them to only dig there. If your living in a small space with no place for them to dig take them out on a stroll or run to remove all that pent-up energy.


Aggression in dogs may not be a common trait amongst many but if this happens seek help from a trainer or veterinary to assist you on these issues. They might have stemmed from underlying issues in the past


A well-trained, socially acquainted dog may not show signs of fear but to many dogs, new places and people may become intimidating, in such cases seek help from professionals.

Now that you are aware of what constitutes good and bad behavior, you can reinforce positive behavior with treats. Whether your reinforcing a positive behavior or training your dog to do a few tricks it important for you to know that he is an individual who only loves you and the advice given may have worked for some dogs it may or may not work for yours because they all have their unique personality and it is upon you to understand what works best for your pet. Observe and understand when these behaviors arise and find out the root of the problem to make a difference.  Sometimes you may not be able to help your best friend, do not condemn them to a pet shelter, use your resources and reach out to professionals for help. You will be rewarded with loyalty, trust, and a companion.

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