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Nowadays only a few people love their pets as much as they love their kids; whereas the majority of pet parents love their pets significantly more. And for the most obsessive pet parents, only the best accessories will do. Vanya Chandel, the founder of Forfurs- Pet Accessory Store, understands what it’s like to be a pet parent and how valuable their care is. Forfurs offers nothing but the best for your furry friends.


Born and brought up in Kanpur, Vanya went to ARSD College for her bachelor’s. Thereafter, she pursued MBA(HR) from the Delhi School of Economics and worked as a Human resources Officer in Future Group, Gurgaon for a year. Later on, she moved back to her hometown and started exporting equestrian, pet products. Forfurs-Pet Accessory Store was launched in December 2018. They create accessories and toys for dogs, cats, and horses.

They pride themselves on using premium raw materials. Forfurs’ accessories are handmade in small batches in their workshop. Not only this, in the next six months they will be launching custom-made collars, leashes, and harnesses depending upon the dog’s unique needs like size, strength, design, etc.


The idea struck Vanya when she discovered the immense difference in the quality of products sold in the Indian market and those exported overseas. To bridge that gap she set up a manufacturing workshop for handmade products in Kanpur.


Initially, she catered to the European market and participated in international trade fairs to gain further insight. After gaining experience and developing products for European brands, she decided to launch a brand in India to provide supreme experience to quality-conscious pet owners.


When asked about her inspiration for the name, Vanya revealed “I wanted a name which instantly strikes what we do and given the fact we deal not only with dogs and cats but horses too Forfurs seemed like the perfect name. Fun fact – My brother came up with Forfurs while brainstorming the perfect name.”


All Forfurs are made in their workshop in Kanpur. The raw material is locally sourced except a plastic side release buckle which is sourced from China due to its unavailability in India. Their aim is to make the lives of pets better by providing them with impeccable accessories but at the same time, Vanya also wants to protect, preserve, and promote handicraft products in India. She believes that the handicraft segment should not be limited to only traditional Indian products and should be extended to every market segment so that art never dies.


When asked about sustainability within her manufacturing processes, Vanya said “Sustainability should matter to every entrepreneur no matter which field they’re in. It is our responsibility to give back to our community which is why even though in our field of work most brands import products from China because it is the cheapest thing to do, we have worked with local suppliers to produce a higher quality raw material. We never wavered from our commitment to make in India. ”

This not only ensures sustainability but also provides much-needed employment to the artisans who have spent years working on their techniques to handcraft good quality material.  

Coming to their amazing range of products, they have vibrant collars and leashes in three designs and a variety of color combinations and sizes.  Every product of Forfurs is made using sturdy hardware that is long-lasting. Similarly, the polyester fabric used is custom made in such a way that it’s lightweight yet has more strength than usual nylon collars. In the near future, Forfurs aims to become a household name in the segment of dog walking gear.

They also want to focus on customized handmade products which will be a perfect blend of style and durability.

Choosing the right products is of vital importance. There are now more pet-owning households than those with children and for these pet parents, their pets have become full-fledged members of their household. Proper fit is important not only for the equipment to work properly but also for the dog’s comfort and safety. The durability of the dog gear determines your dog’s safety during the walk. Forfurs has been transpired to cater to exactly that need.

Whether their adorable little nuggets in city apartments, pit mixes, or horses, Forfurs is a one-stop solution for every pet parent. When you think about buying funky and functional dog gear, Forfurs is the place to shop from!

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